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Ross LLP Clients Sue Walmart and ERlifescience For $30M Over Abandoned Disinfectant

On April 4, 2022, Ross LLP attorneys Peter W. Ross, Richard A. Schwartz, and Tyler J. King filed a federal lawsuit in the Central District of California against retail giant Walmart, ERlifescience, and Joseph Bibi.

The lawsuit alleges that Ross LLP clients Pixior Global Logistics and E-Comm Fulfillment 3PL agreed to accept and temporarily store disinfectant products that had not received approval from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to be sold in Walmart stores. Only after Pixior and E-Comm accepted thousands of pallets of this unsalable merchandise did they learn that the products were dumped with no intention of paying for the costs of storage.

Law360 covered the filing in an article entitled Walmart Hit With $30M Suit Over Abandoned Disinfectant. In the article, Peter Ross was quoted as commenting:

“It is disgraceful that Walmart and ERlifescience dumped their unmarketable product on our clients and then abandoned it. Someone has to be a good corporate citizen, step forward, and take responsibility.”

The filed Complaint is available here.

2022-04-01 Dkt 001-0 Complaint for Breach of Contract
Download PDF • 138KB


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